Research Area 7: Navigation and Estimation Technology

RW is developing global positioning system (GPS)-enabled and alternative position, navigation, and timing (alt-PNT) technologies to provide robust PNT solutions for single-weapon and network-enabled weapon system concepts. GPS technologies of interest are anti-jam techniques including spatial and temporal anti-jam technologies and miniature GPS antenna technologies, including leveraging these technologies to identify and localize the jamming/spoofing sources. Alt-PNT technologies of interest include a wide variety of sensor aiding including passive sensing (electro-optical, infrared, passive millimeter wave, magnetic, external radio frequency sources, etc.) and active sensing which are appropriate for one or more combinations of altitudes, speeds, environments (over water/land, day/night, etc.), as well as size, weight, power, and cost restrictions. Navigation and estimation developments may also include theoretical foundations for improved data fusion or optimization methods, efficient or new data pre-processing, or other enabling technologies, subsystems, or concepts.

Keywords: GPS; Alternative PNT; Sensors; Anti-Jam Techniques; Navigation; Estimation.

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