Technology Transfer

The Doolittle Institute (DI) is a partnership intermediary that assists the Air Force Research Lab Munitions Directorate (AFRL/RW) with achieving its technology transfer goals. We accomplish our mission through three core activities: engaging with industry and academia to identify potential partners for AFRL/RW researchers, informing industry about AFRL/RW patents that are available for licensing, and organizing networking and brainstorming events to connect AFRL/RW with industry and academia.  To guide these activities, DI focuses its efforts on the AFRL/RW Director’s Strategic Guidance and the Broad Agency Announcements released by AFRL/RW.  To learn more about these inputs, review the information provided below.

Technology Transfer Mechanisms

Below are the mechanisms by which industry and academia can interact with AFRL/RW.  To learn more about these agreements, please click the button below to collaborate with a DI team member.