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Technology Transfer

The Doolittle Institute (DI) is a partnership intermediary that assists the Air Force Research Lab Munitions Directorate (AFRL/RW) with achieving its technology transfer goals. We accomplish our mission through three core activities: engaging with industry and academia to identify potential partners for AFRL/RW researchers, informing industry about AFRL/RW patents that are available for licensing, and organizing networking and brainstorming events to connect AFRL/RW with industry and academia. To guide these activities, DI focuses its efforts on the AFRL/RW Director’s Strategic Guidance and the Broad Agency Announcements released by AFRL/RW. To learn more about these inputs, review the information provided below.


To be the global thought leader in advancing weapons science and technology.


Discover, develop, integrate, demonstrate, and transition weapons technology, enabling the Department of the Air Force to dominate across all domains.

Priorities (Not in Priority Order):

Fully implement Digital Transformation

  • Digital Engineering (DigEn)
  • WOSA Implementation for RW Efforts
  • RW Internal Processes


  • Of Our Data
  • Of Our Projects

Agile, Smarter Weapons (e.g., Networked, Collaborative, Autonomous) Long Range Effects/Kill Chain/Web

  • Counter Air
  • Global Precision Attack (Counter-Land, Counter Maritime)
  • Air Base Air Defense
  • Technology Development for Nuclear Deterrence Operations
  • Technology Development for Special Operations and Personnel Recovery

Rapid Technology Advancement - Using a 3-year lens

Technology Transfer Mechanisms

Below are the mechanisms by which industry and academia can interact with AFRL/RW.  To learn more about these agreements, please click the button below to collaborate with a DI team member.

Patent License Agreement (PLA)

Cooperative Research & Development Agreement

Educational Partnership Agreement (EPA)

Commercial Test Agreement (CTA)