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Our Mission

Doolittle Institute (DI), an Air Force Research Laboratory (ARFL) Institute, supports the AFRL Munitions Directorate (RW) by working to license and commercialize AFRL/RW technologies in the private sector through technology transfer, identifying and fostering new relationships through innovation and collaboration, and developing today’s students into tomorrow’s STEM workforce.

about afrl/rw

A global leader in advancing weapons science and technology, AFRL/RW is responsible for developing superior weapons technologies that are effective and affordable for the warfighter. They are committed to providing the technologies that will enable our warfighters to win all domains, and they are actively looking at new technologies to stay ahead in a rapidly advancing tech-driven world. They value their partnerships with industry and academia as they continue to transition important technologies to the warfighter that help build a more lethal and ready Air Force and Space Force.

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