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Collaboration Activities

Doolittle Institute can facilitate a variety of technology assessment activities to assist AFRL/RW researchers in their efforts to collaborate with industry and academia partners.

Assessment Event

An event in which Government stakeholders submit a well-defined, novel problem and specific requirements with a clear technology transfer mechanism to attract submissions that solve the problem; through ecosystem utilization and market research. Submissions are collected, and Government stakeholders review and select the submissions with the highest value to present or demonstrate capabilities.

Technology Sprint

A rapid step-by-step process in which a team of subject matter experts from Government, industry, small business, and academia develops innovative solutions for a particular and often complex Government challenge based on Government specified requirements.

Collaboration Event

A design thinking session in which scientists, engineers, industry, small business, and academia ideate on specific challenge areas; this open forum identifies limiting factors, opportunities to overcome these factors, and potential relevant technologies, while identifying a clear path forward with an action plan. The outcomes of this effort shape future events that result from the defining of the problem at hand.

Feasibility Study

In-depth market research/ discovery events pertaining to a topic to determine its efficacy and if future resource investments will yield a desirable result. This preliminary investigation identifies the potential benefits associated with undertaking a specific technology or method.

Technical Showcase

Monthly session in which small businesses, industry, academia, and venture capital firms share their capabilities with the Air Force Research Lab Munitions Directorate workforce.

Innovate with AFRL

Bi-annual event to educate small businesses about technology transfer mechanisms and support opportunities for collaborating with the Air Force Research Lab Munitions Directorate.

Innovation Discovery Event

Event in which novel, unique, and non-obvious commercial applications and uses are identified for technologies developed by scientists and engineers working for the Munitions Directorate.

Commercialization Study

Market research to identify appropriate industry partners for licensing agreements for Air Force Research Lab Munitions Directorate technologies.