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Research Area 7: Missile Guidance and Control Technologies

The objective of this work is to investigate Missile Guidance and Control Technologies to include the following: Robust guidance algorithms against maneuvering targets, real time optimal lofting/energy management techniques, integrated guidance and control, reduced latency between seeker measurements and final control fin commands, highly accurate seeker technologies and algorithms, robust and novel target state estimators, third party queuing, optimal body orientation at endgame encounter, (reinforcement learning-adaptive control) approach, simultaneous learning and control, Hybrid (switched) guidance law selection based on the red-target strategy/maneuver, many-on-many engagement guidance laws, optimal pulse delay and propellant allocation, rapid flexible autopilot design process, robust control in aerodynamic cross coupling environments for various airframe designs from canard to tail control, robust control at high angles of attack, innovative autopilot architectures, efficient verification of safe separation over all flight regimes, Non-linear/adaptive control for agile maneuver, and advanced airframe control techniques.