Research Area 6: EO/IR/LADAR/SAL System Research

RW has an interest in developing the components and systems necessary for imaging and non-imaging electro-optic, infrared, LADAR, and semi-active laser systems. These include, but are not limited to, optical sources, detectors and their readout integrated circuits, beam pointing/scanning and wide-field-of-view/multi-aperture techniques, detection schemes, and discrimination, ranging, and acquisition systems. Interests range from complete systems and devices to basic materials and components operating in subsonic through hypersonic regimes. These include the following:

  • Optical sources: Optical sources of various wavelengths from the visible to the long wavelength infrared (< 12 microns) are desired.
  • Detector systems: Single element and array detectors sensitive in the visible to the long wavelength infrared range are desired. Rapid rise times (approaching a nanosecond) are desired, as is operability without cryogenic cooling.
  • Beam pointing and beam scanning systems: Systems that can rapidly steer a laser beam as well as the field of view of the detector are desired. Systems capable of search/track modes and variable fields of view are also desired.
  • Detection schemes: Various incoherent and coherent detection schemes are of interest.
  • Discrimination, ranging, and acquisition systems: Systems that can discriminate the signal from the background environment, condition the signal, and store the data are required. These systems should be able to resolve time differences as small as or smaller than a nanosecond, dynamically adjust the gain of any amplification stages, allow variable timing/ranging techniques, and/or minimize range uncertainty.

Keywords: Lasers; Hypersonic; Beam Pointing; Beam Scanning Systems; Detection Schemes; LADAR; Electro-optic Systems.

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