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Research Area 6: Missile Electronics

The objective of this work is to investigate all aspects of Missile Power & Electronics as it applies to air-toair missiles. The following technologies and research areas are of particular interest: Power Conversion and Distribution, Power Generation and Storage Technologies (Advanced Missile Battery Technology and Ultracapacitors), Guidance Electronics, and Thermal Management. The challenge with state-of-the-art power management approaches is the large amount of volume required for missile power conversion electronics. RWPI is interested in technologies to enable miniaturization of missile power electronics components, topologies, and associated packaging methods. These technologies can improve performance and internal packaging efficiency for a compact Counter Air (CA) missile. RW is interested in development of technologies to improve the energy density and power density of batteries to meet the challenges posed by the modernization of weapons and the increasing complexity of mission requirements. Increasing power requirements for evolving weapons and missile systems is driving the need for efficient energy storage systems with both high energy and power densities. RW is additionally interested in high energy and power density ultracapacitor technologies for use in weapons and missile systems; affordable high performance missile guidance electronics technology designed to support small form factor medium-range A-A weapons; and active and passive thermal management technologies focused on high density electronic power dissipation with reduced volume and weight allowing increased time-of flight.