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Research Area 8: Advanced Warhead Technologies

The objective of this work is to investigate all aspects conventional and conceptual munitions warhead technology as it relates to the destruction, damage, defeat, or denial of function of Targets of Interest (TOI). Technologies and concepts are sought for a robust and affordable capability of air-launched munitions with maximum performance characteristics while complying with insensitive munitions requirements. Advanced weapons systems require that warheads survive under severe mechanical loading conditions and reliable initiation at endgame in order to achieve performance goals. Additionally, there is interest in specialized diagnostics, techniques, and experimental methods for the development and validation of munition warhead capabilities. Technical interests related to warhead effectiveness are blast (internal and external), combined damage (blast and fragment), human casualty, cumulative damage, debris damage, direct hit damage, fire, and fragment. There is also interest in miniature and micro warheads, multifunctional energetic materials and damage mechanisms, directional control and focused effects, selectable effects, and collateral damage control. Approaches in all of these areas are not to be limited to traditional nor classical blast-fragmentation effects. Novel concepts of target defeat are encouraged to augment or replace the more traditional kinetic energy methods. Miniaturized fuzes, electronic safe and arm devices and target detection devices are also of interest.