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Research Area 3: Find-Fix-Target-Track (F2T2) & Datalink Technologies

The objective of this work is to design, develop, and demonstrate innovative Find, Fix, Target, and Track (F2T2) technologies for the detection of threats to aircraft. These F2T2 technologies should provide threat warning, threat characteristics, You Are The One (YATO) or You Are Not The One (YANTO) discrimination, highly accurate threat cueing, range and range rate, and other pertinent information required to analyze and coordinate a response to a threat. Additional F2T2 technologies of interest include small data link terminals suitable for air-to-air missiles, conformal data link antennas, alternative waveforms, and applications of data links to support air-to-air missile swarming. Consider each topic from either the perspective of communication to/from a shooter platform, another missile, or other third-party information source.