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Research Area 13: Facilities & Equipment Enabling Ordnance Technologies and Advanced Energetics

AFRL/RWM anticipates a need for new, improved, and often unique capabilities to support expanding future in-house research in the areas of ordnance technologies and advanced energetics. These new RWM facilities, equipment and instrumentation will enable world-class research, development, integration, fabrication and testing of emerging ordnance technologies from fundamental science to demonstrating prototype munition-system concepts. As most of the needs are unique, developing the concepts and preliminary designs for the new equipment and associated instrumentation to be used in these facilities will need to be approached as research and development projects, not as just design projects. The new capability will also be required to meet current requirements and regulations with flexibility for future agility. Of particular interest are proposals for concept development, preliminary design, capability assessment, associated cost estimates and delivery of prototype capability for the new research equipment that will be required to pursue revolutionary changes in ordnance technologies.

Keywords: Instrument Design; Facility Design; Energetics; Ordnance Technology; Prototyping.