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Research Area 12: Missile Test and Evaluation Technologies

The objective of this work is to investigate all technology aspects relevant to Air-to-Air missile test and evaluation (T&E). Interest in this research area ranges from miniaturizing existing technologies that could be used in testing of future generations of small missiles to exploring advanced, breakthrough technologies that could ease missile testing complexities or allow for better data collection. Examples of missile T&E technologies of interest include the following: approaches to encrypted telemetry that reduce the logistic burden of current encrypted telemetry systems; autonomous flight termination systems that eliminate the need for onboard flight termination receivers/antennas (while allowing range safety personnel flexibility regarding day-of-test limitations); miniaturized and/or higher power missile tracking beacons; miniaturized explosive initiation modules; dual missile tracking technologies capable of providing independent tracking sources to range safety personnel for air-to-air missiles; and warhead compatible, range safety compliant, telemetry/flight termination systems.