Global Future Speaker Series: China 2.0

On April 21, 2022, the Doolittle Institute hosted the 3rd installment of the ongoing Global Futures Speakers series. This segment, titled Global Future Speaker Series: China 2.0 edition, followed the previous installment featuring Gordon Chang. Located in the Doolittle Institute’s auditorium, this hybrid event included presentations and Q&A with returning speaker Gordon Chang and a first-time presentation from Cleo Paskal. Gordon Chang is an expert on China, Asia, nuclear proliferation, and the relationship between China and the United States. Cleo Paskal is widely published in the academic and popular press, is a regular media commentator, and has briefed a wide range of organizations, including the Department of State; U.S. Army War College; U.S. Air Force; U.S. National Guard; Center for Homeland Defense & Security; Inter-American Defense Board.

This conversation offered members of the public and the Air Force a unique insight into a variety of topics, such as analysis of U.S. foreign policy, motivations of China and other countries in the Indo-China region, and potential responses to China’s threat in science & technology (S&T) dominance.

The Doolittle Institute hopes to facilitate additional Global Future Speakers Series conversations in the future that can provide attendees with valuable insight into global perspectives.

For a recording of the event, visit DI’s YouTube channel here.

View Gordon Chang’s recommended reading list here

Inaugural 2022 DAF Modeling & Simulation Summit

This spring, Doolittle Institute hosted the Inaugural Department of the Air Force Modeling and Simulation Summit. The event, held 12-14 April 2022 at the Destin-Fort Walton Beach Convention Center, was sponsored by Mr. Richard Tempalski (DAF Chief Modeling & Simulation Officer) and Dr. Craig Ewing (AFRL Modeling & Simulation Senior Scientist). Attendance totaled over 350 and included representatives from many organizations in the Air Force, Space Force, Army, and Navy. Also in attendance were partners from Industry, Academia, the UK’s Royal Air Force, and the Royal Australian Air Force.  

Each morning, the Summit kicked off with a plenary session, with audience members hearing from 23 keynote speakers and panelists over the event’s three days. Panel topics included: Convergence of Effects Modeling Simulation & Analysis and Mission Success; Enabling SecAF Initiatives Through Digital Engineering and Modeling & Simulation; and Synthetic Environments: Many Uses & Commonality Potential. Some organizations represented by keynotes and panelists included: SAF/SA; SAF/AQ; AFRL; Naval Surface Warfare Center; Army Futures Command; USSF; DAF Digital Transformation Office; Gartner; Lockheed Martin; SAF/SQ; AFLCMC; AFTC; DHS; HAF AF/A3T and AF/TE; and RAF Air and Space Warfare Center.

Over 100 presentations across eight tracks took place in the afternoons during the Summit. Tracks included: Digital Engineering for Convergence of Effects for M&S; Command & Control; Human-Machine Teaming; Sensor Grid; Resilient Space in Joint All-Domain Operations; Effectors; Warfighter Integration; and M&S Techniques/Analyses.

The Inaugural DAF M&S Summit was a monumental success and received a multitude of commendations from attendees. Many from government and industry expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to collaborate and gave feedback about how valuable the event was.

FLL State Championship 2022

On April 2nd forty teams geared up to compete for points and prestige at the FIRST FLL Challenge State Championship! Hosted by the Doolittle Institute, this mechanized marvel of an event took place from 8 am to 4 pm at the Northwest Florida State College Raider arena attracting 1200 attendees.

Over 400 student participants traveled from five regions across Florida to put their coding and design skills to the test on a sixteen-mission robotics course. As they competed to become state champions, these teams showed off team spirit with colorful costumes and exciting chants.

Teams also had a unique opportunity to engage and interact with DoD branches and FIRST robotics programs at the event. This included Explosive Ordinance Disposal technicians, Naval Surface Warfare professionals, AFRL Engineers, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics competition teams.

In addition, over fifty volunteers came together by helping to set up, run, and break down the event. Many of these volunteers work as scientists and engineers for the Air Force Research Lab on Eglin Air Force Base. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a memorable event for students and parents alike!

For more photos from the FLL Challenge State Championship, please visit the Doolittle Institute STEM outreach Facebook page

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