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University Day: Call for Abstracts

The Doolittle Institute invites researchers to submit abstracts for our first University Day. Submissions will be reviewed by the Air Force Research Lab Munitions Directorate’s Core Technical Competency leads.

Over the course of May 13, 2020, University Day will cover up to four topics. Presenters will be selected for each Core Technical Competency area of interest, and more topics may be released as they are cleared. Each topic discussed will consist of an abstract presentation and a poster session. Those who aren’t selected to present may be asked to display a poster related to the topic.

The topic areas are:

  • Survivable electronics:  The Air Force seeks innovative materials, technologies and/or processes to increase the operating regime for fuze electronics in extreme environments (shock, vibration and thermal).
  • Robust measurement equipment for high frequency vibrations: The Air Force seeks innovative ideas for both laboratory and on-board flight test instrumentation to measure high frequency vibrations (>1 kHz) in flight vehicles and ordnance systems.
  • Tactical test bed for active imaging: The Air Force seeks innovative approaches to acquiring data for active imaging technologies.
  • Nano-photonics: The Air Force seeks innovative solutions to miniaturize and increase the performance of sensing and communication systems.

Abstracts are due April 10, 2020. Submissions should be in Word doc or PDF format, include no more than 250 words, and one figure or image. References do not count towards the word limit. Please send submissions to Invitations will be sent to selected participants after April 17, 2020.

Some of the potential opportunities for selected presenters include:

  • Sponsored research
  • Fellowships/Summer scientist programs at AFRL/RW
  • Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA)
  • Educational Partnership Agreement (EPA)

The Doolittle Institute may provide funding to assist qualified presenters in travel expenses if your work is selected.


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