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TH!NK SBIR Event Attendees Thought BIGGER

The Doolittle Institute held its third Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) event on Thursday, May 16, 2019. The annual event seeks to connect and advance innovation, inventors, and entrepreneurship through technology showcases, one-on-one meetings with Air Force program managers, business-to-business interactions, and professional training. Gulf Power provided lunch for attendees.

The Doolittle Institute brought in Jim Greenwood of Greenwood Consulting Group to lead two SBIR-focused workshops. Greenwood, a nationally recognized and experienced SBIR consultant, led a proposal writing workshop and a cost accounting workshop.

Over 40 organizations registered for the TH!NK SBIR event, including members of the Air Force, the University of West Florida, and local small businesses, including aspirational and experienced SBIR companies. The technology showcase included posters and prototypes with technologies from companies like Vertex Solutions, Cosmic Dynamics Corp, Airborne Systems, Tunnel VUE, PrivOps, and Wi-Sense, LLC.

Among the companies in attendance was ATA Engineering, Inc., whose representatives participated in the technology showcase with their modeling and simulation software, COMPAS. The invention, which has a Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of 5 to 6, will aid the design and analysis of hypersonic vehicles by capturing stress concentrations and structural weaknesses in a vehicle early in the development cycle, thereby reducing the risk of a critical design flaw remaining unknown until after the failure of a flight test.

ATA Engineering also attended the SBIR workshops and found the event valuable. “Jim Greenwood’s class was very informative, even for those of us who have been at it a while,” said Joshua Davis, ATA Engineering’s Vice President of Innovation. The engineering firm has a lot of SBIR experience and a technology which could be ready for a technology transition plan under the Air Force’s Commercial Readiness Program.

The Doolittle Institute, an AFRL Innovation Institute, supports the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate by working to license and commercialize AFRL/RW technologies in the private sector, enable rapid technology delivery to the warfighter, identify and foster new R&D partnerships and develop AFRL’s current and future workforce. The Doolittle Institute is a member of the Defensewerx Family.

For more information about our SBIR events, please contact the Doolittle Institute at (850) 842-4393 or email us at

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