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It is important that you be able to articulate your idea’s commercial use cases during the patent claims process. An Innovation Discovery Event (IDE) is a tool to help the AFRL/RW researcher identify new inventions and promising commercial applications for those inventions.

The IDE process was inspired by the Simplexity creative problem-solving system developed by Dr. Min Basadur, which is deeply rooted in “brainstorming” theory.

The process generally involves identifying projects in the lab that appear to have generated innovative technical solutions; having the involved scientist(s) or engineer(s) give a presentation on their solutions before a panel of outside experts; and facilitating brainstorming among the panel members to identify possible commercial applications and potential invention disclosures.

If you are interested in participating as a panelist, please reach out to our T2 office.

What’s the time commitment?

You’ll have to prepare a 4-slide presentation, submit it through Security Policy Review, and be at the Doolittle Institute for approximately one hour the day prior to your IDE.

The day of your IDE, plan for two hours. You’ll present your invention or idea for approximately 15 minutes, and participate in the panel discussion/Q&A for up to an additional 90 minutes, depending on how detailed or complex your idea is.

Who should participate?

You should at least consider an Innovation Discovery Event if you have submitted invention disclosures this year, or if you have an idea floating around in your head and you need the Doolittle Institute to capture the intellectual property on it.

What should I include in my presentation?

Well prior to the IDE, you will have to fill in a slide template consisting of approximately four slides: Problem Statement, Problem Solution, Uniqueness, and Thoughts on Commercial Application.

Submit this slide deck to Security Policy Review with enough lead time for it to be ready before your IDE. You will need this presentation the day before the IDE.

What if my idea uses proprietary information?

Don’t worry!

All presentations will be at the Distro A/public release level but will not be shared with anyone but the panelists, who are under a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Who are the panelists?

The Doolittle Institute will handle finding six to eight panelist from Industry, Academia, and the Sciences. Your IDE will be facilitated by an experienced team who will examine your idea and present commercial use cases.