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Small Business & Entrepreneurial Awards

Through a generous grant from the Gulf Power Entrepreneurial Support Initiative, the Doolittle Institute recently awarded three $5000 grants to Northwest Florida companies in the targeted industries of Aerospace & Defense, Cybersecurity, and Manufacturing.

In order to be considered for the Grants businesses had to meet specific requirements, such as location and small business status.  They also had to describe how they would use the award.  After a thorough review we are excited to announce the following companies were chosen: ARGO Cyber Systems, LLC, ECHO Process Instrumentation, and Flight Level Engineering, LLC.

ARGO Cyber Systems is a cybersecurity company based out of Pensacola that supports commercial and federal customers. They are in process of developing a new Cybersecurity threat detection response platform that provides intelligence more rapidly enabling pre-emptive action for the protection of computer systems and other IoT devices that may reside on a network. The company plans to use the award funds to hire a Software developer to begin writing the software code to implement these new rules. James Rogers, CEO, adds “The better the rules engine, the faster response, or better yet the faster a machine can see the pattern and instigate a pre-emptive mitigation.”

ECHO Process Instrumentation based in Shalimar is a company with over ten years of expertise in manufacturing level and flow meters for water, sewer, and other liquids. The Grant will fund Research and Development for a new Industrial enclosure for their Laser Distance Measurement device. Currently, it can only be used indoors. “We see a huge potential for our Laser Measurement sensor to be used outdoors in rain/snow/windy conditions for distance measurements. It would prove to be a valuable asset to various industries,” said Robert Harrison, President.

The third company awarded the Grant is Flight Level Engineering who manufactures a UAV “drone”, named the Osprey, that is used by the Air Force Research Lab at Eglin Air Force Base and others across the United States. They are currently in the process of moving their operations from Daytona Beach FL, to the HSU Foundation in Crestview, FL. “We will create local employment and mentorship opportunities in Aerospace Engineering Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Composite Manufacturing Machining and Fabrication as our business continues to grow,” said Tarek Thomas CEO. Their plan for the award is to hire two interns for their new location.

We congratulate these regional small businesses for their innovation and dedication to our community.  We would also like to thank the Gulf Power Entrepreneurial Support Initiative for making these opportunities possible.

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