Research Area 4: Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation Technologies

RW is interested in developing advanced capabilities related to hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and digital simulation of guided weapon designs. RW exercises closed-loop HIL simulations to verify weapon performance, with particular emphasis on guidance, navigation, and control during terminal homing. As weapon sensors and other subsystems advance, test technologies required to replicate sensor and communication feedback as if in a real mission can be challenging. The ability to provide the weapon seeker with targeting or navigation information, including countermeasures, is an area of ongoing research. Weapon seekers tested typically include visible, imaging infrared, RF, and/or LADAR seeker subsystems. Recent areas of interest include HIL simulation of collaborative weapons, multi-mode and multi-function sensors, Weapon Open System Architecture (WOSA), and hypersonic weapons. Emphasis for simulation technology research is on advancement and improvement of scene projection and injection technologies, real-time target scene modeling techniques, target phenomenology models, simulation architectures, RF target simulators, cryogenic space simulation technology, run-time lethality assessment and high bandwidth motion simulators. In general, innovative solutions that enhance the fidelity and accuracy of HIL simulation and allow for more efficient performance verification for advanced munitions are of interest.


Keywords: Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL); Simulation; Testing of Infrared; RF; LADAR.


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