Research Area 12: Munitions Energetic Materials

Munitions Energetic Materials is concerned with (1) formulation, manufacturing, and producibility; (2) characterization and phenomenology; and (3) theoretical energetics and digital design for explosives and energetic materials for munition applications. This topic includes development of explosive formulations to address impact, friction, electrostatic/electromagnetic, thermal, and vibration sensitivity and survivability; energetic materials, including nanometric explosives with higher energy density than traditional explosives. Reactive materials comprising metastable interstitial composites (MICs) and/or metal fuels in combination with oxidizers and explosives are also included. Energetic materials characterization tools of relevance include, but are not limited to, static and dynamic mechanical properties measuring devices as well as microscopy and tomography. Use of computational tools to predict formulation properties and reactive flow models, including survivability and processing, is of interest. Constitutive modeling of these materials, including mesoscale descriptions of their dynamic mechanical response, initiation mechanisms and reactive equations of state are included as well. Novel approaches for formulating, processing, enhancing the mechanical properties (i.e., strength, toughness) and characterizing the special features of energetic materials and functionally graded materials in terms of their performance and energy release benefits are also of interest.

Keywords: Energetic Materials; Nanometric Explosives, Metastable Interstitial Composites (MICs).

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