Research Area 10: Warhead Research

Technologies and concepts are sought for effective, robust, and affordable warhead and ordnance components in the areas of: air-dominance missiles, high-speed and long-range strike weapons, ordnance of modular architecture weapons, swarming weapons, close air support, area attack for tactical interdiction, and miniature weapon platforms. More specific, near-term challenges provide the call for research interests in: advanced manufacturing of warhead materials and structures; shock response and equation of state for case materials (inert and reactive); research into relevant target materials, specifically high-strength concrete and ultra-high performance concrete, and improved constitutive strength descriptions; fracture and fragmentation; penetration/perforation mechanics; and improving the suite of diagnostics to best extract data from ordnance systems in high-rate and violent environments. Innovative technologies for multi-functional materials are sought to provide structural benefits as well as contribute to combustion or detonation energy. There is interest in unique, innovative, and high-performance payoff of technologies that integrate the ordnance package in accordance with the larger system or engagement scenario. Also desired are highly agile and end-game responsive adaptations of the ordnance package; tailorable or synergistic output that ensures optimal energy use and coupling to target; and versatile, lethal effects that maximize the use of system data and capabilities. Warhead and end-game effector technologies are sought for low-cost but effective air-dominance missiles as well as future self-defense missile capabilities. Traditional and non-traditional Hardened and Deeply Buried Target (HDBT) concepts are sought to maximize the load out and effectiveness of 5th and 6th-generation aircraft.

Keywords: Advanced Manufacturing; Case Materials; Detonation Energy; Multi-functional Materials.

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