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Inspire the Next Generation of Innovators

Doolittle Institute proudly manages FIRST® Robotics for the 16 counties across the Florida Panhandle. Last year we serviced over 250 teams at over 25 events–and we are still growing! None of this is possible without our volunteers, and this is where you come into play. We are looking for those who desire to prepare the next generation of Scientists, Engineers, and Thinkers. On August 24, we will team up with the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) to offer a to offer a volunteer training from 9AM – Noon at the UWF Research Engineering and Education Facility (REEF), 1350 N. Poquito Road, Shalimar, FL 32579.

There are 3 levels of events being held in the Panhandle with varying needs.

FIRST® LEGO® League Jr. (FLL Jr)

Events for FLL Jr are minimally competitive for K-4th grade students. These events typically last 2-4 hours, and may be held on weekday evenings or Saturdays. The primary volunteer role at these events is that of a Reviewer. A Reviewer is tasked with interviewing teams of up to 6 students and filling out a simple rubric.


Events for FLL step up the competition for 4th-8th grade students. These events are full day events 6-8 hours, and held on Saturdays. The primary roles at these events are that of Referee or Judge. A referee studies the rules of the robot game and then officiates the 2 and a half minute rounds, filling out a scoresheet at the end. A judge studies the challenge documents, and then joins a panel of other judges to hear presentations from teams of up to 10 students and then fill out rubrics. Judges then convene to determine awards for teams.

FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC)

Events for FTC again step up the competition for 7th-12th grade students. These events are full day events 6-8 hours, and held on Saturdays. The primary roles are Referee, Inspector or Judge. A Referee studies the game for the season and then officiates at the events. (It is best if a referee commits to the season for consistency.) An Inspector studies the rules of the robot build and performs inspections throughout the day. A Judge functions at the final Championship event, and reviews the engineering notebooks and joins a panel of judges to interview a team of up to 15 students.

If any of these roles interest you, please join us on the August 24 for training.

Register via this link:

The Doolittle Institute, an AFRL Innovation Institute, supports the Air Force Research Labs Munitions Directorate by working to license and commercialize AFRL/RW technologies in the private sector, enable rapid technology delivery to the warfighter, identify and foster new R&D partnerships and develop AFRL’s current and future workforce. The Doolittle Institute is a member of the Defensewerx Family.


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