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Innovation Forecast for 2019

Get ready for an exciting year ahead at the Doolittle Institute! Last fall, our team huddle produced a calendar with an overview of themes or events happening at our facility through October 2019. Download our Innovation Forecast brochure to get a preview of each month’s TH!NK Thursday theme well in advance of the date.

The upcoming year’s TH!NK Thursday themes include Preventing Burnout & Maximizing Productivity (February), Lean & Agile Systems (March), our massive TH!NK Event (May), AFRL Poster Sessions (Summer), and University Days (October).

As in the past, we’ll host or facilitate Tech Sprints, Innovation Discovery Events, TH!NK Thursdays, and Donuts with DI. These events encourage collaborative problem-solving between industry, entrepreneurs, businesses, and the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate.

Check our website for more information about the exact date, time, and specific details or changes regarding each month as it approaches at Registration will be required for all attendees.

Want our event calendar to come to you? No problem. Sign up for our newsletter to get the details about these events.

The Doolittle Institute, an AFRL Innovation Institute, supports the Air Force Research Laboratory Munitions Directorate by working to license and commercialize AFRL/RW technologies in the private sector, enable rapid technology delivery to the warfighter, identify and foster new R&D partnerships and develop AFRL’s current and future workforce. The Doolittle Institute is a member of the Defensewerx Family.

For more information about event participation, please contact the Doolittle Institute at (850) 226-4383 or email us at

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