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In support of agility, innovation, and the development of transformational capabilities, our Innovation and Collaboration Project Managers Team provides the capability to rapidly respond to AFRL/RW initiatives with partnership opportunities, methods, ideas, and solutions not readily available to, or within, the Federal Government to expedite AFRL/RW-developed technologies to the Warfighter. This can include: 

  • Strategy Development     
  • Ideation Techniques       
  • Facilitation Methods

As prototyping increasingly becomes an important component of various innovation and collaboration activities, identify and develop opportunities that may lend themselves to either direct or future prototyping. 

in·no·vate to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products

col·lab·o·rate to work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something

Engagement through Facilitation


Tech Sprints

The tech sprint is a five-day process for testing new ideas during which diverse groups of 7-10 professionals brainstorm solutions to a complex AFRL problem. The Innovation and Collaboration team facilitates these sprints, based on the Design Sprint, for AFRL/RW scientists and engineers to find solutions for their biggest technology problems. If you have an idea for a tech sprint, reach out to us for help!

Process Sprints

Based on the Tech Sprint model, the Doolittle Institute innovated a new way of problem-solving: Process Sprints. These types of Sprints help a group define problems and goals, establish procedures to achieve desired outcomes, and assign tasks for the group to accomplish its goals. A Process Sprint takes a large, undefined problem and breaks it down into smaller, incremental steps destined to become policies and processes.

SBIR Sprints

For small businesses collaborating with the AFRL, the Doolittle Institute can facilitate a SBIR Sprint to get SBIR Awardees and the Air Force on the same page. These Sprints, also based on Tech Sprints, determine the ideal solution’s requirements clearly, lays out the scope of work, sets short- and long-term goals, identifies technical challenges, generates potential prototypes, and develops a plan for implementation.


Engagement through Inspiration

Global Futures Speaker Series

The genesis for the “Global Futures Speaker Series” was the AFWIC Global Futures Report published in June 2020. This ongoing series on globally significant adversaries and technologies provides insight and knowledge to develop programs and strategies at the speed of relevance to maintain the dominance of multi-domain system-of-systems.

One of our recent speakers, Gordon Chang, an established columnist, author, historian, professor, and public speaker, shared timely and relevant insight to China’s S&T strategies, and the specific implications those may have to the US. To see this video and other past events subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch rebroadcasts of these live-streamed events.

BTT Live Class Workbook 1.2

Engagement through Collaboration

In addition to events held on-site, the Doolittle Institute also supports regional entrepreneurship and innovation efforts such as the Northwest Florida Forward Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council, the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum, and the Economic Development Council.