Air Delivered Effects Broad Area Announcement

AFRL/RW submitted an updated Broad Agency Announcement on in March 2022, requesting white papers on the following 20 topics: 
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (Stem) for Education Outreach
  • Facilities and Equipment Enabling Ordnance Technologies and Advanced Energetics
  • Lethality, Vulnerability, and Survivability
  • Warhead Research
  • Fuze Research
  • Munitions Energetic Materials
  • Weapon Airframe Systems Technology Research
  • Weapons Autonomy Technology Research
  • Navigation And Estimation Technology
  • EO/IR/LADAR/SAL System Research
  • Multi-Function, Multi-Mode Radar Research
  • Bioprincipic Sensors, Information Processing, and Control
  • Autonomous Target Recognition
  • Cyber Resiliency Security Research for Precision-Guided Munitions
  • Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation Technologies
  • Modeling, Simulation, & Analysis (Ms&A) Of Advanced Weapon Concepts
  • Advanced Scene Generation
  • Modular Open Systems Research
  • Strategic Planning, Prototyping, and Experimentation
  • Technology Transfer Innovative Collaboration

Capabilities Collection

In an effort to foster industry and academic collaboration with the AFRL Munitions Directorate, the Doolittle Institute is collecting Distro A (public releasable) one-page capabilities sheets to facilitate the connection of DoD scientists and engineers and industry/academia subject matter experts. This will allow for innovative and diverse thought during a variety of facilitated events, such as design sprints, technology sprints, ideation sessions, etc. Any information submitted in this form will not be shared outside of the Doolittle Institute without your consent.

We are currently collecting capabilities sheets for the following topics:

  • Electro-optical systems and materials
  • Materials in extreme environments
  • Alternative PNT (position, navigation, timing)
  • Multi-domain sensing