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$1M Grand Challenge Awarded

In collaboration with the Wright Brothers Institute, Doolittle Institute would like to announce Edison Welding Institute (EWI) has been awarded the AFRL $1M Grand Challenge 4 for Large Scale Metal Additive Manufacturing.

The challenge looked for manufacturers with existing systems to produce large-scale metal 3D printing to enable future on-demand production of geometrically complex structures. AFRL/RW instituted the challenge to find the best available large-format MAM technologies to manufacture USAF-relevant parts and adapt the technology for materials of interest.

The event took place between August-November 2021 and required potential solvers to submit a white paper, and if selected, conduct a 20-minute pitch with an additional 10-minute Q&A with the AFRL/RW Team. Of the fourteen white paper submissions received, the AFRL/RW Team selected four submissions to pitch.

Edison Welding Institute’s headquarters is in Columbus, Ohio, with technology centers in Buffalo, NY, and Loveland, Colorado. EWI empowers industry leaders to overcome complex manufacturing challenges and integrate new processes to bring products to market more quickly and efficiently. Since 1984, EWI’s comprehensive engineering services have helped companies identify, develop, and implement the best options for their specific applications. EWI provides customized solutions to industries including, but not limited to, aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial products, defense, and heavy equipment.

The Air Force Research Laboratory leads the discovery, development, and delivery of warfighting technologies for our air, space, and cyberspace forces. The Doolittle Institute is an AFRL Innovation Institute that supports the Air Force Research Labs Munitions Directorate by licensing and commercializing AFRL/RW technologies, enabling rapid technology delivery to the warfighter, and identifying and fostering new R&D partnerships.

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